Well Well. It’s highly coincidental that creative minds think alike.

A very close resemblance to one of our greatly inspired collection flawed the creative minds of some of the greatest top fashion designers 2014 including Valentino, Chanel, Alexander Mcqueen & Neimen Marcus.

What we once started as an inspiration from the lush green beautiful nature, its evolution with adam and eve in the garden of eden, and with those melodious chirping by pretty birds & a sweet sight of flora and fauna that took our breath away, was infact an inspiration for a lot more designers at the same time.

At Aharin, we depicted our inspiration from garden of eden in forms of prints & embroideries. Birds were specifically reflected as the main element in each of our designs. We were somehow not surprised to see how the same inspiration was even used by Alexander Mcqueen in a subtle way in a biege cardigan, or by Valentino in the same year- 2014 as his sprawling range of beautiful ensembles.

fashion designers with creative similaritiesIt feels great pride to think that with no influences of each other such great designers and artists even miles away can still end up sharing the same inspiration and eventually execute it in a million ways differently. 

We also realized that it is not something that’s is new, but has developed over a long era. It was infact a magnetic effect from the past. For example when Pablo Picasso did cubism there were other artists who did the same at the same time that included Jean Metzinger, Albert Gleizes, Robert Delaunay, Henri Le Fauconnier and more.

When Claude Monet used impressionism Paul CÈzanne, Edgar Degas and many other artists also did the same.

The same goes with street style like the punks, the rockers, the hippies, the gothics or the skinheads. At one point of time different people around the world were dressing up in the same manner making it a global outbreak.

It’s a moment of wonder of which I now truly believe in. “The way people even when miles apart can share a same thought or inspiration, no matter how different we live our lives, there is always something that unite us.”