Kolkata howrah bridge

Kolkata, the City of Joy or shall we say ‘The City of Palaces’ is definitely a place which will top your list if you are really looking for a tour which would get etched in your minds forever. There are a hell lot of destinations which you talk about whenever the name Kolkata pops up but there are another hell lot of places which we do not talk about at all. Among these, some being very rare ones. Here’s to see which ones.

Marble Palace, Kolkata

Marble Palace Mansion

OMG! This is something worth marvelling at! Famous for its shining marble walls and floors simply ‘brighter than thousand suns’, the Marble Palace Mansion is a huge mansion in North Kolkata containing arts and artefacts of The Victorian Age and paintings of European and Indian style alike. It is a must watch for everyone. Don’t miss this!!!

Belvedere Estate kolkata

Belvedere Estate

Aww! ‘Enthralling … Captivating’. This is how I would define it. This Estate which houses The National Library of India shares a political & administrative background for it sheltered Governors  & Generals, Army Officers & Lords at different points of its time. Moreover, the grounds are so attractive that you cannot just return without venturing into them.

victoria memorial kolkata

The Victoria Memorial

A monument in all white ‘Makrana’ marble with a serene water body and gardens nearby, this building is, according to me one of the most attractive Palace in India. And as Curzon put it, ‘’ a building, stately spacious, monumental and grand, to which every newcomer in Calcutta will turn.…” Believe me, This a feast to the eyes.

fort william kolkata

Fort William, India

You may not have visited it but ask me, If you return back to your city from Kolkata without having set foot inside Fort William, believe me your trip was futile for this fort bears in itself all the history of British rule in India be it its irregularly octagonal design shape to defend against cannon or the sight of the huge Regimental buildings; or be it the underground bunkers or the sight of hundreds of soldiers in parade.

Metiabruz (Garden Reach)

Even though related to many criminal activities, this place has a rich history. Often referred to as the ‘Second Lucknow’, it has an ‘Imambara’ that stands at the centre of it. Personally speaking Metiabruz is a key destination for Industrial freaks like me for I got to see The Southern Thermal Power Station & the famous  Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers, with dozens of ships across its shores.

 Moreover to keep you occupied, The Haat Bazaar, the largest weekly market of the country  is set up here! Happy Shopping!!


 randwick race course kolkata

Race Course

I don’t think you’ll find a more elegant and magnificent race course anywhere in India than the one I have been to. To name it - The Race Course Kolkata, the first of its kind in the country. Unfortunately I got the chance to be there not to race but to appear for an exam being conducted there but take it from me, The sight this race course provides from its top with horses racing and The Victoria & The Vidyasagar Setu at the back fully satisfies your appetite to behold nature’s beauty in a modern city.

Jorasanko Thakurbari kolkata

Jorasanko Thakurbari

Now Now! The House of the ‘Thakurs’! The ancestral residence of The Tagore Family. Though not a very large ‘bari’ (house) it might seem to you, but the narrow and high staircases, the dimly lit rooms and the wide pillars everywhere with an elegant touch of the ‘Bong’ culture, it surely transfers you to the 18th century period.

The pictures available online cheats on the beauty of the house. You have to be there to see it!!

College Street (Boi Para)

Are you a bookworm? Are you a book collector and an extensive bargainer?

Never Mind!! For I Am. And College Street is the ultimate destination for me. Oh Come On! Not due to the number of colleges aligned in the area (as its name suggests) but for books & bookstalls everywhere. Literally - Everywhere, spilling books over onto each other carrying books on every topic & every Indian Language. It is the largest book market in India and also is home to University of Calcutta & The Presidency College.

The Famous Coffee House & Paramount are just at a stone’s throw away! Bingo! Addaa!!

south park street cemetery

South Park Street Cemetery

Kolkata has always been a hub of black magic and ‘tantra’ and as I have felt, it is primarily because of the South Park Street Cemetery believed to be a real haunted place giving you goose bumps with even the thought of visiting it alone! However to look at it normally, it is indeed a beautiful cemetery containing graves of mainly British Soldiers & is an excellent place to go by and Enjoy!

New Market, Esplanade

If this name did not ring bells in your ears, then you are not at all a shopaholic! For New Market still remains the core of the shopping area in Kolkata despite malls and showrooms popping up in every corner of the city.

This market situated at the heart of the city & where the foundations of Calcutta was laid, is indeed the heart of it selling literally every item you could name ranging from Needles to Toys, from  Garments to Automobiles. Not to mention the ‘desi’ junk food stalls spread all across it. No doubt, My Favorite!!! 

This city is a mixture of the British Era coexisting with the  modern Indian era. The difference between these two ages being synonymous to each other. This city, which is a blend of both Indian & British Culture cannot leave its lasting impression on you but for its tourist destinations.

Joy Bangla!

Siddharth Saha (Sid)
Features Writer, Aharin